Surabaya (part 8) – Linux On USB Drive

Finally I found the simple way to install Linux to my USB stick drive. Few days ago, I read the article on Internet about Unetboot; it’s a Windows application that made for help Windows user install Linux to a USB drive. It’s require at least 1 GB USB drive. After download the source from , I want to try it immediately but I didn’t bring any Linux CD. So I decided to download Linux from the Internet, looking for the small Linux distro and Puppy Linux it is. No more painfull way for installed Linux to USB drive.My first plan to try boot from USB was using virtual machines. But unfortunately, both of VMWare and VirtualBox doesn’t provide the USB boot mechanism. So I must try it directly with my notebook.

And here is me now browsing and blogging using Sea Monkey web browser, which is include in Puppy Linux installed on my USB drive. After put in Puppy Linux into my USB, I can run the Puppy installation wizard so that Puppy Linux installed permanently on my USB drive not just live session. It will be nice have tools like this one (unetboot), because whenever I have Linux ISO image I can try it without need to burn it into a cd. I can use my USB drive to try the Linux also without need virtual machine.

** Just another activity to killing boring time at the hotel **

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  1. wah ada yang solaris on usb ngga nih? mau install solaris look alike yang ringan soalnya bro. balik atuh ke jakarta, jgn di surabaya aja 🙂

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