New Shoe

When I was in Palembang last Friday, I just realized that my shoe (the left one) has a hole in bottom side. I bought that shoe almost 2 years ago. I still remember  that I bought the shoe at 1 September 2006 because that is the first day I work in Jakarta. I have been using this shoe for almost 2 year and have brought them to many cities in Indonesia. It had used by me went to Germany too. The brand of that shoe is “Watchout”. So comfort to used, I’m so satisfy to bought it. Yesterday I decided to buy a new shoe. I went to Taman Anggrek Mal and finally bought the shoe at Parisian. With the price around US $43, I bring the new shoe (it’s has trademark “Playboy”). When I tried to wear this shoe, I think its comfort enough. Too expensive I think, but for the quality there is some price to be paid enough, right? Look for the comic of my old and new shoes :

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