My New Flash Drive

usb flash drive Two days ago I just received USB Flash Drive from my friend, Mertanus. It’s 1 GB flash drive which name PenDrive Mini. This flash drive is have USB 2.0 interface. It has 5.5 cm in lenght and 1.8 cm width, and it has 0.7 cm in thickness. I like the color of my flash drive, white. It came with one neck stripe to bring this flash drive easily. I’m glad because it came with 5 years warranty. In the package, there is one warranty card. In that card, there is an explanation how to activate warranty. I choose online method. I browse the official website and follow the instruction for registration.

This is my fourth flash drive I’ve ever had. My first USB flash drive was have 64 MB memory capacity, it has brand U-Disk. I got it as a bonus when I bought Dell Latitude C600 three years ago. That flash disk already broken at 2005, I don’t really remember what did I do that cause my first flash disk broken.

My second USB flash drive was Apacer 128 MB. I bought it at April 12, 2005 at BEC (Bandung Electronic Center)…when I bought it, the price was Rp190.000,-. I like this type of flash drive because it has string that connect the cap with its body, with that design I never worried to loose flash drive’s cap (it happen to some of my friends). My Apacer broken when I bought that for printing a poster at one of printing center at Taman Sari street Bandung. I guess the operator at that store forgot to safely remove my flash drive X-( .

The third USB flash drive that I bougth is DChord USB flash drive + MP3 player. Yes, it was actually a MP3 player. It has 256 MB capacity. I bought this gadget at BEC again at October 18, 2005. This flash drive still working fine until now, so now I can say that it has longer live rather than two other flash drive I ever had 🙂 . I had bring it to many place in Indonesia 😀 , when I was travelling I used it to hear music. But the main function that MP3 player did for me is for saved data, not as MP3 player but as a common flash drive. I just used that for hearing music when I was in travelling. Two months ago, my little sister asked me for buy a USB flash drive for him. So for some reason, I gave my DChord to my sister. From the time I didn’t have USB flash drive.

One month ago I ordered a new flash drive to my friend, Mertanus. I was ordered to him any flash drive that has price about Rp150.000,- . Why I limit the price, because I just have budget as big as Rp150.000,- for buying a new flash drive :-p . I paid the USB at the begining of this month. Since Mertanus always do bussiness travelling, I just received my order two days ago. I hope this USB flash drive can has long lifetime in my hand 😀 .

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